We are here to support you. We will work with you in finding the best next step in your emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges. Your health is important! And your relationships are an important part of your health.

Frequent questions we hear might be part of your story:

How did I get in this mess?
I can't believe I'm doing what I'm doing! How can I get into a better place? Where do I start?
I think I am going crazy. Am I?
I'm panicking all the time! How can I get through the day?
I can't deal with this loss.
I'm angry all the time. Not sure I can control it anymore. And sometimes I don't....
How can I be “me” AND be in relationship with my partner?
Is it time to make a change in our relationship status?
How can I put up with his/her behaviour and stay sane?
My heart is the wellspring of life? I think mine is running dry. What to do?
How do I deal with this child? She/he drives me crazy sometimes!
How can we possibly live in peace with our teen?

Vision and Goal

Our deepest pain is often connected to those we love the most. We support families, couples and individuals in working through current difficulties. Our goal is to sort through the complexities with you to come to a place of peace for yourself within your close relationships.


At Karunia our priority is quality, professional service.  Counselling is conducted in a confidential manner, adhering to the professional code of ethics of our professional organizations.

Therapeutic Approach

We understand families to be core to our experience.  Every person comes from a family and longs to belong with someone. With this in mind, we use various approaches to work closely with you to reach your goal. We will work with you through careful listening, support for personal awareness and management of self, awareness of others, and effective communication. Use of family systems theory, CBT, mindfulness, emotion-focused therapy, DBT, narrative and solution-focused therapy, and EMDR varies with each counsellor and situation.

Play therapy is offered within the context of the parent-child relationship--as parent you are a primary resource for your child's experience. When abuse is involved, child and parent will be seen separately as needed for the child to experience a safe and nurturing relationship.

Similarly, when domestic violence and secrets are identified within couple relationships, each person has the opportunity to work individually, until both are confident of safety and are ready to work alongside their partner.

Therapists at Karunia have training in the following areas: marital and family therapy, play therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT), EMDR, crisis intervention, Hakomi, spirituality, and trauma-focused treatment. The most appropriate treatment plan is often a complex combination of any of the above. Our clients may present with post traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, child and teen behavioural issues (ADHD, ODD, CDT), life cycle challenges, emotional regulation difficulties, anger, domestic violence, incest and abuse, and substance abuse and its impact on relationships. We work with couples: premarital, committed, or indecisive as well as individuals in various relationship situations.

Our goal is to work with you to reach your goals and a sense of peace.