"She makes me SO mad!" "He drives me crazy!"


When we are in the middle of the vortex, overwhelmed, feeling crazed, and the phone rings or a text message comes in, what happens? We can suddenly be in another world. Immediately!

The power of our minds is incredible. We can move from crazy mad to cheerful in a split second. Here is evidence that we have allowed ourselves to be hijacked.

You cannot make me mad. Yet most times I can hardly catch the moment I let myself get there. Feels like it's your fault!

When we take a moment and think this through at a calmer time, we realize the signs of upset or annoyance happened a few steps before we actually lost it. We felt the tension, maybe in our stomach or chest or neck. We all have a favorite place.

You can decide not to ignore the signs before you feel out of control. The trick is to notice the tension. Pay attention to your body. Take a moment to breathe and remember: you are in control.

What is it that is upsetting you? What's behind that? Has this happened before? Is there an advantage to losing it? Could there be a different way to achieve the same thing?

For now, remember: we have the right to hold on to our own power. No one can make us mad. And we can learn to control ourselves. We can think it through, and plan to take care of ourselves the next time we feel the tension.

We can grow ourselves up.

*Reading suggestions:

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero

When Anger Hurts Relationships by Matthew McKay

*Who Switched off My Brain? *by Dr. Caroline Leaf

mindsight by Daniel Siegel, M.D.