January 4, 2014.

Celebrating life can spread to outdoors, even though we hesitate! Walking with nose covered, neck surrounded, warm coat and longjohns—the sun feels wonderful.

And today CBC offers a gem of possibility! Who would think of such creative schemes?

Making the most of cold weather

"While many people will choose to nestle indoors until the cold snap is over, here are a few neat outdoor activities that only work in frigid temperatures.

Cold-weather activities

*(Carefully) throw boiling water into the air and watch it turn to instant fog

*Blow bubbles - they should freeze and roll around

*Freeze cookie sheets of water to make “windows” for a snow fort

*Freeze water balloons to make ice bowling balls

*Use a spray bottle to spritz your trees/house/friends to make instant frost"

Will bubbles actually freeze? I think I will try it!