"I hate it when you ask me to be still and go inside!" she said. "So uncomfortable! I don't like how I feel when I try to sit still. All kinds of things come up."

Scary. A moment of stillness brings so many, many thoughts!

How does "inside" become foreign and scary to us? When did we forget to check with ourselves to see how we are? How do we get back to this?

For now, consider checking in with yourself. Here's a step-by-step option:

  1. Pause. Honour yourself with a few moments of silence.

  2. Placate (pacify, calm, appease, mollify, soothe, make peace with, humor) in 3 steps:

    A for anatomy--is your body relaxed? Is there a spot where you feel tightness? Can you let the tension ease a little?

    B for breathe--take the time to breathe easily a few times and notice the in-out process

    C for count--as you breathe, count each in and out breath. See if you can reach 10 and notice that breaths are now coming more easily and comfortably.(1)

  3. Peruse (to look at, examine something in a relaxed or very careful way)

Check inside. What does my body tell me? What's going on inside? what can I do to take care of this message?

Here we are, ready to come home to ourselves. Rest. Get to know ourselves better. Relax.

Poised. (composed, self-assured, steady, self-assured, in balance or equilibrium).


(1) This process is described and more fully explained in The Misleading Mind by Karuna Cayton.