I should go and visit ….

I should give … a call.

I should let things go more, not feel driven all the time.

I should volunteer more... * Really?*

Is there really only one right way? Imagine if this were an illusion. What if what I know or think is only a passing fantasy? Are there alternatives? What if my idea is only my way of holding on to something?

What would happen if I let this idea go? What if I was open to a new idea? What if I allowed other thoughts to come up for exploration?

I wonder if I would be able to handle the freedom this would provide. I wonder if life would feel fuller and richer. Somehow limiting my experience to one thought (which I “know”) seems quite a bit safer. And narrow.

As I get older shoulds have less appeal than they used to. The courage to question broadens everything. Life is more fun, actually. Is the should worth holding on to?

And so my ears perk up (or my inner ear to my self-talk) when I hear “should”. It's a reminder to look again, and perhaps to let it go.

And if I decide to follow the should, I have chosen to do so. And this is good too.