Written by grace deunk

Being part of a group is a natural part of life. In fact, we were all born into groups - racial, cultural, national, socio-economic, religious, or family. It is interesting to consider; however, that a 'group' can only exist in relation to another 'group' that’s not part of it. A group, by nature, can never be the 'whole'. Yet, from childhood on, humans tend to stay busy creating ever more groups.

Remember playing 'boys catch the girls' or 'girls against the boys' on the playground? As we got older groups became more complex, defined by things such as intelligence, dress, or athletic skill. A group is a place we can feel comfortable and secure; loved and accepted among people like ourselves.

We all know it is somehow tragic not to belong to any group at all. Some of us feel more comfortable, accepted, loved and secure belonging to a group with well-defined, rigid lines that must be defended often against the 'whole'. Others feel more comfortable, accepted, loved and secure belong to groups with flexible lines, which integrate easily into the whole. What kind of groups are you a part of?