Written by grace deunk

Who of us does not wish to be 'Truly Alive'? Being 'Truly Alive' conjures up wonderful thoughts - a sense of peace, purpose, energy, vitality and joy. We've all heard people say "Ah, that's when I felt 'Truly Alive!'" Perhaps we have had our own personal 'Truly Alive' moment which we cherish. Memories are great, but perhaps it would be good to stop and consider that the only time one is actually 'Truly Alive' can only be in the present moment. If one lives in memories of the past or in dreams about the future, ones' only 'truly alive' moments will slip by without having been 'Truly Lived'. So, why not be 'Truly Alive' in this, the only moment we actually have? Why not feel, taste and enjoy this present moment as a wonderful gift of life?