Written by grace deunk

They say grief comes in waves. Some of us know about that. About grief, I mean. Waves, well, we all know about them. Waves are just waves. I thought I knew. Then I experienced the ocean. If you've ever been at the 'mercy of the waves'. You know. There is no mercy.

Wham! I've been caught on the side of the head. There's a terrible roar in my ears, in my head, in my entire being. I'm being flung about, round and round. Which way is up, or down? I can't breath, my lungs are heavy, heavy with water. I think my chest is about to collapse. Suddenly my head is slammed into something hard, like concrete. I hear a sickening, grinding crunch. Is that my skull, breaking apart? I can't breath. I can't breath. Oh my God (goodness), I am going to die. I really am going to die. Now there's an explosion, a burst of brilliant light. I am catapulted upward. I am spitting out water and blood, some bone, and a tooth. Finally, finally, the choking subsides. My starved lungs suck in the air, rapidly, greedily. It is almost too painful.

I look about. Is that a person I see in my blurry vision? The person is rushing over to me. She seems very concerned.
She says, "You must learn to navigate these waves".
I say, "Just get me out of here, oh please, just get me out of here."

She says, "When the next wave comes, you must face it, then, just before it breaks, dive down into it. Right into the bottom of it. The wave will roll over you and you will advance further into the ocean, out beyond where the waves are breaking"
I say "Get me out of here, oh, please, please, just get me out of here."

There is no time. Here comes another wave. What do I do? What do I do? Do I have the courage to face it, to actually dive down into it? There is no more time. The wave is upon me. I must do something….

They say Grief comes in waves. Yes. Good analogy.

Just as physical exercise takes time and discipline, so does training our minds in an attitude of gratitude. You will find that even a small amount of 'exercise' can contribute greatly toward a life of enrichment, fulfillment and contentment.