Spring is a season of new growth.  It is a time for projects, resolutions, and plans for the future.  

This spring we are pleased to launch a new series entitled Navigating the Cs.  Each month we will feature and explore a different word starting with the letter C.  

Life flourishes with connection, courage, clarity, calm, contentment, compassion, and curiosity.  This is a beautiful package of Cs, but they normally do not appear in our lives without effort and intentionality.  Thus we navigate the Cs – we plan, envision, and undertake the hard work of crossing difficult terrain carefully.  All the while we are nagged by strong undercurrents:  contempt, cancelling out, challenge, confrontation, criticizing, cross-examination, and correction are always vying for our attention. 

We invite you to navigate the Cs with us in 2016.  These are resolutions that will never be fully resolved.  The Cs are a lifelong journey; they are always a work in progress.    

Each month we will offer a few short reflections on a particular C.  Take a moment to reflect on your own experiences and thoughts surrounding the word.  

If you would like to carry encouragement with you, reminder postcards of the Cs will be available at the Karunia office.  You may wish to place this somewhere visible such as your bathroom mirror, desk, car, or fridge.   

Bon voyage!

By Jeana Les