Every so often I get a case of The Tuesdays.  Waking up and setting feet on the floor, I’m overwhelmed.  There is so much to do.  It is not the important things that leave me feeling frazzled, but the ordinary tasks and jobs.  Did I send that email?  When do I have time to get an oil change?  Why am I always too lazy to pair my socks when they come out of the dryer?  Do you really need to floss your teeth daily?

One of the reasons that I routinely encounter The Tuesdays is that my mind is always on the fun things.  I want to go everywhere and do everything.  All the important “adult” things such as washing dishes, paying bills and folding laundry are postponed in favour of the things that I actually enjoy, such as exercising, visiting, reading, or volunteering. 

Unfortunately this results is an imbalance.  Day after day I feel as though I am always playing catch up.  Tuesdays are the worst because they feel sandwiched in the midst of it:  I don’t have the zest of Monday or the anticipation of Friday.  

I am working to become more present, trying to learn the art of deliberately incorporating calmness into my ordinary life.  There is goodness hidden within these small tasks and chores, if only I can slow down enough to notice and absorb it. 

Rather than rushing through my “boring” activities, I am trying to ease myself into them and see them differently.  I admire the colours of my salad as it’s created; I enjoy a sink full of soapy water on my hands and stare out at the prairies through my kitchen window; I take care to fold my clothes nicely, admiring the tidy stacks of bright colours.

Gently incorporating more calmness into my life through the most ordinary things does not eliminate The Tuesdays entirely, but it does soften them.  Calm will rarely force its way into our lives.  Calm is something for which we must deliberately create space.      

By Jeana Les

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