Thank you for taking a moment to complete this survey.

Your answers help continue and improve our partnership with the FCSS (Family and Community Support Services) program. Without this program, some families in the community of Leduc and surrounding County areas may not be able to access affordable counselling. Please answer all questions honestly and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us to let us know. All answers are confidential.

Please Complete All Questions. Where a numbered choice is given please rate where 1 = Poor -- 5 = Excellent
I was spoken to in a friendly manner while booking my first appointment:
Payment options were explained to me clearly:
Forms and paperwork were clear and easy to understand:
I was greeted in a friendly manner at my first appointment:
My counsellor speaks to me in a friendly manner:
My counsellor is supportive without being judgmental:
As a result of counselling, I feel more confident about myself.
As a result of counselling, I have a greater confidence in my ability to overcome life's challenge:
I feel I have new inforamtion on how to better manage my stress:
I am better at expressing my emotions constructively:
I feel better about my ability to solve problems: