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Our Services

Counselling Services


It is our privilege to explore your story, understand where patterns have become stuck, and work together to uncover your strengths, gain insight, build strategies, and together create a context for healing and change. We understand that mind and body are one system, and that coming home to our bodies, being with and tending to our emotions and sensations, is often a vital first step in healing.  We honour the myriad of ways trauma can imprint our nervous system, pulling us into the past and creating pain in our present - just as we honour that safe connection, strong relationships, grounding practices and self-compassion can be profound sources of resilience. If you are considering reaching out to talk to someone, we warmly invite you to visit our Team section to see if there is someone you may wish to work with.  We work with individual adults, kids and youth, families, and couples, and we would love to be a part of your healing story.

Assessment Services


Psychoeducational assessment services are available for students of all ages. When ability, learning style and areas of strength or difficulty are identified, learning environments can be modified to maximize the student's opportunity for success. The outcomes are transcribed into a report that will include recommendations for programming and remediation. The assessing psychologist schedules a final meeting to explain the report and answer questions.

Assessments can help parents and teachers understand the child’s strengths and areas of challenge. For a student that struggles in school, a learning assessment can guide teachers and parents to develop realistic expectations and appropriate interventions.

Assessments are also appropriate and helpful for adults wishing to understand their own particular challenges cognitively and/or behaviorally. To book an assessment, or gather more information, simply call or email our office!

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